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Wednesday 2 December 2020

Sign the petition

 We need to fight to save our libraries. 

Sign the petition and join the campaign!

Petition link:

The petition reads,

Bradmore Green, Broad Green, Sanderstead, Shirley and South Norwood libraries are under threat AGAIN!

Public libraries cost little but deliver a lot.   

Our libraries serve the community of Croydon. They provide safe places to connect with others in the community, places to study, to complete homework, to relax, to seek reliable information and help as well as well as offering a wide range of resources and materials. They also offer access to facilities including PCs to help with research, homework, online applications, job searches and more.

All these libraries merit saving. Some serve deprived or elderly communities. Some give easy access and offer parking as well as being on good transport links. 

They provide activities for the community, from birth onwards.

We have fought to save our libraries before and we need to keep up the fight!

Please sign and join the campaign!

Save Croydon Libraries Campaign


Thursday 26 November 2020

Croydon Libraries under threat AGAIN!

 Bradmore Green, Broad Green, Sanderstead, Shirley and South Norwood libraries have been earmarked for closure... AGAIN!

We have fought closures before and we can fight them again!

Find Save Croydon Libraries Campaign at:

Wednesday 5 June 2019

Croydon Libraries were under threat in 2019

 It seems sensible to post up the full history so here are the papers and the Red Quadrant report (September 2018) that went to the Cabinet Meeting in May 2019.

The relevant papers can be downloaded here:

Inform Involve Inspire Create - Croydons Culture and Libraries Plans.pdf

Executive Summary - Red Quadrant report

Monday 16 May 2016

The revised revised deadline - You can still submit your responses to Croydon Library survey

Having extended the deadline once, from 2 May to 16 May, due to the low response rate, it's been extended again, although without notifying the residents of Croydon.

Allan Nimmo, the Council Officer responsible, has confirmed that although the online survey closes today, he will accept paper copies completed received "in the next few days".

So, if you haven't had your say, take a look at our leaflet, here, containing useful information such as pitfalls to look out for,

Save Croydon Libraries leaflet

And, download a copy of the survey to complete:

Croydon Libraries Survey

And do let us know how you get on.

The clear agenda of our Labour council...

Result of the Croydon Advertiser poll
And a few images of our libraries...

Is this the offer we want for our children?

Unstaffed floors in what was one of the busiest libraries in England...

Signs at the ready.... IT issues in all libraries

Croydon's promotion of reading for our younger residents....

Monday 9 May 2016

Croydon libraries survey and a flyer with useful info to help you and others respond

The Croydon libraries consultation has been extended until 16 May 2016 as so few responses had been received by the original closing date.

Few still know of the consultation, so please spread the word.

Be aware that people who have completed the online survey have had issues. See the notes on page 2 of the flyer below.

Download the flyer here.

Download a copy of the Croydon library survey, here.

Do let us know your thoughts...

Sunday 17 April 2016

Add your voice to the Save Croydon Libraries Campaign...

Information has gone out via two well-meaning sources who believe Croydon libraries are to close, along with a roughly scanned copy of the libraries consultation. This is not done on behalf of the campaign. This information also, unfortunately, went out with the council's glossy spiel about investing in libraries and that Croydon libraries are fully-staffed! Anyone visiting a library in Croydon knows that is far the case. The council's statement made about Upper Norwood Library being saved is also untrue.  As of 1 April 2016, it became a self-serve facility. The few staff remaining are only there to issue current library users with new cards for the new facility which will have no librarians or library staff.
This is not what Upper Norwood Library campaign fought for and a battle the new Trust now has to take on. The local politicians seem to think this is perfectly acceptable and wave on the loss of staff with a few platitudes...

That is a battle now for the newly formed Trust to take forward...
So, Getting involved and staying informed
If you want to stay up to date with the Save Croydon Libraries campaign - a campaign covering all thirteen Croydon libraries - please join the list at You can join the facebook group to discuss matters and follow the local campaigns on Twitter.
You can comment on this website, or even contribute a post.

Contribution to the survey
There is a clear PDF of the Save Croydon Libraries website, in the last post, which also explains the issues people have been having so that people are forewarned before completing the survey.
The intention of providing this was twofold. It meant that residents could share the survey with those not online who may want to express a view. It also meant that those who were able to complete it online could consider the survey first before completing it online, therefore avoiding the issues some have reported of the survey closing before they've had time to add comments they wished to make.

It is not provided purely to increase the workload of the council officer responsible, who will have to manually input responses provided in this way, not to increase the workload of the limited number of staff still in our libraries!

The Campaign is not encouraging everyone to do a paper copy as the information in circulation from other sources appears to imply. If you are providing a copy to someone else, please provided them with the PDF attached here, and not a scanned copy that is not as legible.


Croydon Libraries survey

You may even like to defer responding until after the public meeting.

Public Meeting - 26 April 2016
The public meeting is being called by the community for the community, in the absence of any of any public meetings being called by the council. Councillors Timothy Godfrey and Lynne Hale have been invited to attend to answer your questions and hear your views.

Places are limited. Please see the full details and book a place if you plan to attend. See:

Please spread the word!