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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Croydon agree to work with Wandsworth - outsourcing libraries

Wandsworth and Croydon Councils have approved working jointly to investigate outsourcing their libraries libraries.  Concerns still remain as these local Guardian articles show.

"Fears over Croydon library plans" in the Croydon Guardian -
"Opposition councillors have denounced plans to outsource the library service in Croydon." Councillor Bashford was unable to provide details of how the figures quoted in the proposal passed by Cabinet had been arrived at when Councillor Maggie Mansell asked for clarification. Read the full text here:

"Concern raised over library service plan in Wandsworth" in the Wandsworth Guardian -
Councillor Leonie Cooper voiced Labour's concerns, " is vital that any outsourcing does not lead to an erosion of services, or any further reductions to library opening hours or supplies of books."

Wandsworth and Croydon Labour groups have voiced a willingness to explore ways of reducing costs of running libraries and exploring different approaches but hold concerns that outsourcing may lead to a deterioration in the service on offer. The Croydon Labour offer to establish a cross party commission on libraries to allow all residents a say and to explore alternatives to outsourcing was rejected by Croydon Conservatives.  You can read more of the history  here.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cabinet decision on Croydon libraries imminent

So it seems Croydon plan to go ahead and work with Wandsworth to outsource libraries. The situation has been picked up again by national campaigners and the latest information appears on Public Libraries News: A million pounds a year: the cost of outsourcing libraries in Croydon

Decision to be made at Cabinet Meeting, which is open to the public.

Monday, 19th September 2011
Town Hall
Katherine Street
at 6.30pm

Come along and observe the meeting from the public gallery, hear the debate and show your support for libraries. Entry is usually permitted from 6.15pm.

Papers for the meeting can be found here on the Council's website and hard copies will be available on the night.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cllr Mansell speaks out - No support for in-house bid

No wonder Croydon residents are immobilised by the confusion over libraries. Councillor Maggie Mansell speaks out on the proposal to outsource Croydon libraries and the very real barriers to an in-house bid.  Does anyone REALLY know what is going on with Croydon libraries? 

Letters page of Croydon Advertiser, 16th September 2011