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Friday, 3 August 2012

STOP PRESS! Wrong dates advertised!

You can only do what you can, big society and all that, but some councils seem determined to put every barrier in your way.  They just don't get it, do they?

Residents are being mislead and misinformed about events in Croydon libraries by haphazard, careless, some might even go as far to say a shambolic handling of the details and advertising.

The latest is that the Creative Writing Session advertised for tomorrow, Saturday 4th August, 2012 at Sanderstead Library is not on and has been moved!  The new date is now Tuesday, 7th August, 2012 from 3-4pm.

Saddened at the lack of promotion of Croydon libraries and of the activities run in them, we have done out utmost to promote the details.  It is not easy as Croydon Council, so proud to serve, refuses to release a list of library events to the campaign group or to individuals who request them.

A new blog, Teens4Libraries, has also sprung up, trying to promote libraries and library events, particularly  in Croydon libraries. They are tweeting about events in order to promote them as many library events are so poorly supported now as Croydon residents just don't know about them. They have been promoting this series of events via their blog and twitter.

If this date is incorrect, how many others are also? It is difficult not to trust information clearly advertised.
The actual poster, advertising the date.
Spot the mistake?  No.  We couldn't either.

And it is also clearly listed on the council's own website, at the top of the list, still visible today,  promoting the event on the wrong day too!

We fail to see how any resident could read this as an event actually being held on Tuesday, 7th August.

Can you?

Please let us know if you get details of events and we will promote them as libraries are important to the residents of Croydon.