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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Labour make noises about Upper Norwood but what about Croydon Libraries?

Croydon Labour are making noises about honouring their pledge to fund Upper Norwood Library, although the exact details are not yet clear. You can read the story in the Croydon Advertiser article here:

What is clear though, is that Croydon Labour are not saying a thing yet about honouring their pledge on Croydon Libraries - ripping up the contract and bringing library services back in-house.

And Croydon Libraries serve the whole of the borough, and they are in an awful state, and have been for some time, as highlighted by Save Croydon Libraries Campaign and library users.

Save Croydon Libraries campaign is apolitical and open to all views. Anyone's comments are welcomed. We've worked to highlight and to resolve matters with both political parties.

Let's hope that Croydon Labour work for the whole of the borough, as is the clear message given by the Leader, Tony Newman, and not just for Labour held wards and Labour supporters.

What do you think?