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Monday, 8 April 2013

Who'd have known?

The promotion of activities in Croydon libraries is sporadic, leaving some residents unaware of what our libraries have to offer.

 Where it works well it is often excellent.

Where it doesn't work it's poor indeed.

That's why we are encouraging residents to pass on information about any items of interest, as a group of Bradmore Green residents did regarding the Croydon History Talks in May, in order that we can promote them.

Here's just another example of a poorly advertised activity in a Croydon Library, on today, but not advertised on the council website....

 and only posted on a facebook page, a page liked by only 49 followers, late morning today.

Even those with access to the internet do not all have access to a Facebook account, as a Croydon resident reminded us, only last week.

Had we known of this activity we would have promoted it in good time.

Chris Cyrus and LoveLife 6958 do some amazing work. You can find details here of a previous event, along with clips of their work, here. This event was held as part of The Reading Agency's MyVoice Project, now renamed Reading Activists.

What a shame many who would be interested will not even know it is on. Do go along if you can.

Chris Cyrus and LoveLife6958
Thornton Heath Library
3.30 - 5.30pm
Suitable for 12+
No need to book, just turn up!

And do keep sending us details of any activities you spot so we can promote them!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Local History talks to Celebrate Bradmore Green Library's 50th

A series of talks is being held at Bradmore Green Library in May, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its opening.

These talks are not yet advertised on the Council's listings of events but local residents are keen to promote them as they feel sure they will be very popular and may be of interest to Croydon residents from further afield. 

Bradmore Green Library is situated by the school on Bradmore Way (off Tollers Lane), Coulsdon, CR5 1PE.  A map of its location can he found here.

The No 60 bus service, links central and southern areas of the borough to Coulsdon.

If you know if an event or activity in any Croydon Library that might be of interest to others please provide us with details.  We'd be happy to promote it!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Ingenious system or plainly potty?

A resident writes...
"My husband visited Croydon Central Library this week. It seems that if you wish to use the toilets there you now have to join the main queue in the library (the one where everyone has to queue to return, reserve, take out books or ask a question). When it is your turn you are then issued with written instructions to operate the new keypad and gain access to the toilets. 
Does anyone know why this complicated procedure has been put in place? Have there been problems with these toilets?"
 Has anyone any information to shed on this?  Given the concern we hear that these queues are quite lengthy what possible purpose does it serve to add to these queues? 

Is anyone aware of the antisocial behaviour referred to in this busy building in this unhelpful sign ?

Extra secure facilities at the Clocktower

Are visitors left to wander about seeking help and, given the cut back on staff, how pleased are staff at taking on yet another completely unrelated duty?

Extra secure facilities at the Clocktower

Or might it just be a way of monitoring the situation and restricting access to the growing number of homeless people and those in sheltered accommodation in Croydon who are taking refuge in the Central Library?

Given the security already in place in this busy building the introduction of such measures, if the concern really is about anti-social behaviour, does not bode well for the safety of staff and library users in our other libraries....

What are your thoughts?