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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Letters respond to "gaff-prone Eddy" tell the truth and remind campaigners

This week it is the Croydon Guardian again who has features letters regarding the Upper Norwood Joint Library.  You can read the letters here on page 21 of this week's edition. All appear to have been written in response to this offering from Cllr Eddy Arram, which we reproduced, with comments, here.

What the letters this week all have in common is that they doubt the words of Cllr Eddy Arram.

John Payne, Chairman of the Crystal Palace Community Association, implores Croydon to work with Lambeth.

Presumably at the time of writing Mr Payne was unaware that Croydon had already set in motion plans to value the library and book stock, all set out in a letter sent after the last post date before Christmas had passed, giving Lambeth unreasonable time scales within which to respond.  You can read the story, which includes a copy of Croydon CEO, Jon Rouse's letter, here.  

Then there is the letter where the writer refers to Croydon's,
 "stubborn, wilful and irresponsible disinclination to comply with the Joint Library Agreement..." 

And finally we have local ward councillor, Pat Ryan, putting Cllr Arram straight.  

Cllr Ryan's reference to 
"dear gaff-prone Eddy" 
will ring true with many Croydon residents.  It reminds us all of the previous exchanges on Croydon libraries, again in the letters pages of the local press. You can read Cllr Arrram's letter with comments here, which one of the campaigners responded to here

Perhaps Cllr Arram might like to pause to consider more carefully next time he makes a statement, as Croydon and Lambeth residents are not so easily taken in.

We are also sure that Cllr Sara Bashford will thank him warmly for reminding the Save Croydon Libraries Campaign group that, as was stated in this post back in August 2011, written in response to Cllr Arram's letter, that we promised to share why we believe Croydon residents were denied a say on libraries and residents' concerns were not being taken seriously. 

We never did that fully, did we?  Cheers for the reminder Eddy!

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