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Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Fight Back - the Challenge to Ed Vaizey

Library campaigners united against cuts to libraries!  If anyone in Croydon wishes to support this event please get in touch with us. 
You can reach us at
Check out our website at

Thus far we have coralled library users from Lewisham, Brent, Camden, Croydon, Lambeth and some from outside London, to challenge Ed Vaizey, minister at the DCMS, for not using his powers under the 1964 Public Libraries Act to prevent the desecration of one of the fundamentals of a decent Society.
We meet on Wednesday 18th May 2011, at noon, adjacent to the DCMS building, to lobby that particular ministry and its ministers. It is time they came out of the bunker. How happy they are to meet consultants, businessmen, publishers - I could go on - but meet with your average library user? Give me a break! We just pay and use! Why would he consider us relevant?
If your library is at risk, or may be at risk, come along and let him know this is criminal. He is actually happy to break the law.
Patricia Richardson
Minutes Secretary of Libraries for Life for London
Secretary of Users and Friends of Manor House Library

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