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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Privatisation of ALL Croydon libraries? ACT NOW!

There has been little word of the latest turn in events on Croydon libraries.  Despite only consulting on potential closure of six of the twelve branch libraries in Croydon residents are expected to believe that the analysis of the responses has lead the Council to arrive at the plan to consider privatising the whole network of libraries; 13 in all.

Residents who have heard of this plan have already expressed their dismay that privatisation of the Croydon's libraries network is now being proposed and question how this idea has arisen. Despite speaking to thousands across the borough those leading various library campaign groups in Croydon have not heard support for this idea from residents at any point.

The papers for next week's full Cabinet meeting in Croydon, including 'Review of Library Services' are now up online.  You can find them here.

The cabinet meeting will be held:

Council Chamber
Croydon Town Hall
 Katherine Street

Monday 13th June 2011 

6.30 pm start.

The Council have done little if anything to advertise this.

Members of the public are welcome to observe the meeting from the Public Gallery and hear the debate on the important issue of the future of our libraries.  Please spread the word!  


  1. Croydon alliance for public services would like to coordinate a campaign to unite the existing library campaigns into a broad save croydon's library campaign. can you tell us who to get in touch with to make some contacts with the various groups? i have been talking to a few people already.


  2. Please send us any text, including how best to make contact and we will be happy to publish the information on this blog and elsewhere. Library campaign groups in Croydon are already coordinated and sharing ideas and information. Residents are also committed to carefully monitoring the situation in our libraries and speaking out for library staff who can make no comment themselves.