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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

LSSI follow Civica and abandon ship!

Following on from yesterday's post it seems LSSI have withdrawn from the bidding process to run Croydon and Wandsworth library services.  LSSI are the second of the initial five organisations chosen for consideration, to pull out even before final short-listing takes place.

The initial information was uncovered by Alan Wylie, who received confirmation of LSSI's withdrawal earlier today, from Croydon's Cllr Tim Pollard, after receiving information to this effect from reliable sources.  You can read Alan Wylie's post here.

Today Inside Croydon have followed this up with a post confirming that LSSI is no longer in the running, having withdrawn from the process, again quoting Cllr Tim Pollard as one of the sources used.

Altered image, original image by Tim Zim
It appears Cllr Pollard is happy to engage with other parties, to pass on information,  including those from outside of the borough. Hopefully this means Cllr Pollard will soon be providing clear information to us at Save Croydon Libraries CampaignWe'll let you know how we get on!

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