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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Residents' comments on Laings Library deal

The Campaign has received the following comment from a resident, on hearing the news that John Laing have been awarded the libraries contract for Croydon. 

"John Laing plc is owned by the UK investment fund Henderson Group that established a new parent company in the Republic of Ireland to reduce its tax bill. This move cuts the rate of corporation tax it pays from 28% in the UK to about 20% in Ireland.
So if this diabolical move succeeds the Council will be colluding with a UK tax dodging firm on the same level as Amazon, Starbucks and Google.  Such companies make their profits mainly in the UK and pay lower taxes abroad. 
Any wonder we feel we are not ALL in this together?"
                              Concerned resident - name provided

What do you think? 

John Laing already have an established but secretive business link with Croydon, including the building of the new Council offices, if we believe the word of Croydon Council,  at nil cost to Croydon. Details here from John Laings which seems to imply it's a 50 / 50 deal. 

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