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Friday, 5 February 2016

How not to promote libraries - Croydon excels at this...

National Libraries Day 2016 is on 6 February - a national celebration of libraries.

Croydon has failed miserably, again, to promote libraries as part of this event.

Nothing at all on offer listed on the National Libraries Day site:

The buzz of activities to celebrate National Libraries Day in areas surrounding Croydon is clear. Yet not one activity has been posted for Croydon, just days prior to the event.

And, just one tweet about it, which went out on 3 February.

But, quite a number of activities, although most are modest offerings, are listed in the Croydon Libraries brochure...

Everything from: 
  • scavenger hunts
  • crafts
  • African drumming
  • mystery book displays
  • quizzes for adults and children
  • a coffee morning 
  • NLD themed storytime
  • We love libraries... heart writing event
  • and a suggestion box 

If you love libraries, please ignore the lack of promotion.

You can:

Visit your library

Borrow a book or two

Take a shelfie to share

Tweet using #LibrariesDay #Croydon

Send us your views, images, thoughts....


You can also join the rally prior to the lobby of Parliament, next Tuesday, at Central Hall Westminster.  This is open to everyone - library worker, library campaigner and library user.

See for details and link to booking.

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