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Saturday, 30 March 2013

A resident's comment on Croydon Libraries...

Thanks to Croydon resident,Heather, who has offered the following contribution. It is always nice to hear good news stories about our libraries and this is the first item we've received from a resident content with the level of service, despite the cuts.

"I have been using Croydon Libraries since I was a little girl and have continued to use them throughout studying at school/college and I now use them with my little boy.  I have used many of the libraries over the years - sometimes to avoid reservation charges (!!) and sometimes to get out and about in the borough and attend events. 
I was made aware of the changes coming to Croydon Libraries when I saw the consultation document back in 2010 (?) and gladly filled it in to support them and share my ideas.  I've never been one for campaigning and am still not now, I'd rather just go with the changes and hope for the best.  
I joined twitter to find out more about what's happening in Croydon as I was feeling a bit isolated and after typing "Croydon" into the search bar, I saw "SaveCroydonLibraries" pop up.  I had not been aware that such a group existed!! It looks as though you're doing great work, getting a variety of people to give you their thoughts and sharing important news with followers and with the Council, I'm grateful for the knowledge that I've learnt already from the page. 
I've always found the library staff to be knowledgeable and helpful although I see this has not been the case across the borough which is sad.  I hope that the takeover provides the libraries with some stability and grounds to improve and that SaveCroydonLibraries will continue to fight for a better service.

Thank you,

Anyone is welcome to write about their experiences or to pass information on to the Campaign, in confidence.

What is your experience?

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