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Friday, 24 May 2013

#Croydon Labour seek views, including on libraries

A day long event was held at Ruskin House last Saturday, to hear views from Labour supporters to help formulate a manifesto for Croydon Labour party. 

Are Croydon Labour forging ahead with their co-operative plans for libraries? 

Not necessarily. 

It's pleasing to note that a more measured and consultative approach is being taken and Croydon Labour are interested in hearing all views, not just those of Labour supporters.  You can contribute to the manifesto survey here. There is also an event for women, open to all, tomorrow afternoon, entitled "What Do Croydon Women Want?".

We'd love to hear what you think too so please post your comments on this post so all are aware of your thoughts on libraries. If you would prefer to do this in private please email us at

Given that Croydon's Conservative Councillor, Tim Pollard,  has taken the decision to outsource our libraries to JLIS what Croydon Labour do now is even more important. The fact that this document containing the decision is buried deep on the council website, the absence of any public announcement and there being no mention of this decision in Croydon libraries  today is a fair indication that Croydon Council want this to go under the radar.

Our very own Bob
 Croydon Conservative's lead on libraries,
Cllr Tim Pollard

View the decision documents Cllr Pollard is so shy to share here

Does this seem transparent to you?

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